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Jerry Kosowski Biography

Jerry Kosowski was born on 05-01-1987, and is from Reedsport

Jerry Kosowski Education and Work
Helsinki Business Polytechnic from 2005 to 2009
Work Experience: Exchequer at Crown Holdings, Inc.

Jerry's Personal Information
Hobbies: Toy Collecting
Favorite TV Shows: Ben 10
Favorite Movies: Blade Runner (1982), The Killing (1956), Sunset Blvd. (1950), Batman Begins (2005)
Favorite Music: Ray Conniff
Favorite Books: Mercier et Camier Samuel Beckett, Brighton Rock Graham Greene

Jerry Kosowski Contact information
Address: None reported
Home phone number: None reported
Mobile phone: None reported
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AIM: None reported
MSN: None reported

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Jerry Kosowski died on 12-09-1999

Relatives of Jerry:

Josephine Kosowski
Rebecca Kosowski
Kathlyn Kosowski
Jerry Kosowski
Siu Kosowski
Jaye Kosowski
Rene Kosowski
Tereasa Kosowski
Jacquelin Kosowski
Caryn Kosowski

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