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Michelle Dube Biography

Michelle Dube was born on 03-02-1970, and is from Minot

Michelle Dube Education and Work
Lane Community College from 1988 to 1992
Work Experience: Economist at Hewitt Associates, Inc.

Michelle's Personal Information
Hobbies: Fast cars, Knitting
Favorite TV Shows: Beauty and the Geek
Favorite Movies: In the Heat of the Night (1967), Laura (1944), V for Vendetta (2005), Million Dollar Baby (2004), Alien (1979)
Favorite Music: Nirvana, Offenbach, Chopin
Favorite Books: A Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens, Camilla Fanny Burney

Michelle Dube Contact information

Address: None reported
Home phone number: None reported
Mobile phone: None reported
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AIM: None reported
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Nicole Dube
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